"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

叶子 - Leaves

I've had just enough time to...   be thankful for leaves

Taken in the garden village of Sungei Buloh, Malaysia

I was in the town of Sungei Buloh (River of Bamboo) shopping for orchids before the Chinese New Year. In those old less enlightened days, this place was used to isolate a leper colony from the general populace. A vocation was needed for these displaced people and in an ironic way, growing flowers and plants was the profession chosen for them. Now it is a thriving town engaged predominantly in the gardening business. The city has expanded and engulfed the area making it a very valuable real estate. Now, those once shunted lepers and their descendants are not only businessmen and women but also millionaires putting a final irony to the Town of The River of Bamboo.

Everyone was looking down because there were flowers in glorious bloom everywhere. On both sides of the small lane, on every multiple racks, in every stall and corners, any space that can be squeezed in, flowers of all varieties and colors and forms smiled back at you. But my attention was up, at that wondrous spread of rain tree branches and the millions of tiny leaves blinking at me. Whenever the wind stirred, a few shook themselves from the branches and floated down in an erratic but graceful dance to join the other fallen leaves on the roof. 

I love flowers but it was the leaves that talked to me that day.  And leaves always reminded me of that sad song  叶子yèzi (Leaf ). I heard that haunting voice as I stood by the road shoulder looking up feeling deliciously sad while boisterous trading were happening all round me. And what made it even more poignant is that I will never hear her singing a new song again. '阿桑' (Ah Sang) had a hard life. She was discovered singing in a pub and “Leaf” made her famous. Just when it appeared that Life is finally giving her the break she deserved, she quietly left the entertainment scene. Not long later, the world was shocked to learn that she has succumbed to breast cancer. She was only 34.

叶子                                                                         Leaves
阿桑                                   Ah Sang

叶子 是不会翔的翅膀                   Leaves are wings that cannot fly
翅膀是落在天上的叶子                    Wings are leaves dropped in the sky
天堂 原来应该不是妄想                  Heaven is not wishful thinking after all
只是我早已经遗                           It's just I've forgotten long ago
当初怎么开始                           How it is then, I could fly

是一个人的狂                      Loneliness is the reverly of the lonely
是一群人的孤                       Reverly is the loneliness of the crowd
原来的开始是陪伴                 Love has its beginning in togetherness
但我也渐渐                           But I've gradually forgotten
是怎有人陪伴                       How it is I had you for company

我一个人吃旅行                           Now I eat and travel alone
走走停停                                  Wandering aimlessly
也一个人看写信                           I read and write alone
自己对话谈                                  With myself, conversing
只是心又到了哪里                       But where is my heart floating to?
自己看也看不清                       I can't see clearly
我想我不仅仅是失去你                  Just feel it is not only you I lost


  1. 1000 Reasons
    I’m finally back from my hectic travels the last month and feel kind of melancholy after expending all those energies in my trip. It is probably my way of winding down. Nothing a good book and soft music cannot cure. And of course to catch up with all my flckr friends again but be patient with me as these types of trips always leave a mountain of works and what-else to tackle. It feels good to return home again. Remember what I wrote about home and Ithaka :)
    Eden is between Ithaka and home
    But they are in different directions!
    Can you take your heart to Ithaka
    And not think of home?
    Can you stay in the comfort of your home
    And not yearn for Ithaka?
    I packed my bags and sleep under the stars
    Heading for Ithaka
    When the journey gets too arduous
    And my steps too weary
    And home came in my sleep
    I know it is time to return
    Eden is not a place in some mystical land
    Eden is between home and Ithaka

    Superb viewpoint for this imposing composition. My compliments Thou.

    Love the perspective here my friend!
    Have a great weekend!

    +Boy Wonder+
    nice shot here love the pov

    love this story!! and the green leaves are awesome, so sheltering! I always look up too, love the protection.....
    I learnt of a leper colony here in Penang the other day ...., a small island of the coast - it became a jail later and now its a retreat resort for the rich - a spa or something. I might make a daytrip there one day - if not only to take a picture of Penang from the other side :P
    WIshing you a lovely Sunday!!! ♥

    love the Eden - Ithaka essay : I live in a place called Eden...jay!


  2. Onasill
    Another with and imposing view Thou. My compliments

    Nice photo and nice song too, simple words but very complicated mood.

    so sad to hear....... beautiful photo though!

  3. Beautiful Thou San! And thank you for your wonderful words on my blog! Really special...

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,
    Gert Jan

    1. Thank you Gert Jan,
      That is a wonderful image of the wheelchair above the highway that you posted. It was what inspired to write these lines so the credit goes to you :)

      I did not understand speed
      Until I lost it
      I did not understand Life
      Until I had to slow it down...


  4. oola *
    welcome back to Eden...smilessssssssssssssss
    I love these two photos of the leaves... and the song is stirring... I now understand why it came to you... in layers, even... and probably a lot I don't understand besides...
    what you did was inspire me...smiles....
    it made me think of a wildflower we have called Queen Anne's Lace... and so I have reacted to your post with what it conjured within me... smiles.. thanks...

    I dig the way you are so up lifting is is very refreshing ;)

    henrhyde (gill)
    Grand presentation of this image

    You sure found the proper composition to this wonder :)

    That really is one touching and beautiful Presentation ,,You have put together a masterpiece of a tribute !!


  5. henrhyde
    Grand presentation of this image

    Wonderful eye and perspective to capture this perfect image! The lovely patterns of intricacy are beautifully arranged in this angle of perspective.

    saha_n (busy)
    Such beautiful capture well done!!!

    WOW!!! So beautiful leaves !! Great capture !!

    A wonderful piece of prose, a story beautifully told. When a municipality takes concrete steps to improve the lives of its marginalized citizens it reminds us that the world hasn't yet 'gone to hell in a hand-basket' as it so often seems these days, that goodness can & does prevail in many unseen corners of the globe. A very beautiful series of images, thou.

    A haunting beautiful song from the very talented & beautiful Ah Sang. Her sad demise in her prime is not unlike that of American singer/songwriter Eva Cassidy, also died of cancer in her early 30's. A moving tribute , thou, and an exquisite image that perhaps presents a vision of eternity for those who choose to look up.


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