"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Python That Swallowed An Elephant (蛇吞象)

I've had just enough time to...   see a snake trying to swallow an elephant

Taken of the fisherman being swallowed by the crocodile in Kuching River

The python swallowed a cat
I know why it swallowed a cat
It was not well fed

The python swallowed a goat
No surprise it swallowed a goat
It is now filled up to the throat

But the python should not have swallowed the elephant
No, it should not have swallowed the elephant
But it was greedier than its judgement

Now the elephant has a snake skin boot on one leg
And looking for another three hungry snakes


There was an old woman who swallowed a fly,
I don't know why she swallowed a fly,
Perhaps she'll die.


  1. A 1000 Reasons
    As I was walking along the esplanade of the Kuching River which I will do every time I'm in the city I saw this statue with its gaping mouth. And in the river is a man fishing. I thought it cute so I descended a few steps and positioned my camera so it looked like the crocodile will swallow the man. At that point a Chinese proverb came to mine "人心不足蛇吞象" meaning a man's greed is like a snake swallowing an elephant. I always liked this proverb as it is very graphic and while the image is ridiculous, it is also very true for I do know of people (politicians first came to mind) whose greed is as great as that and in the end, it never fails to destroy them. So this is one of the images I took that I know exactly what I want to write about :) I also liked this image for the fact that the shadow of the clouds seem to divide the river in half and I positioned this into the image as well. :D

    Sunciti _ Sundaram's Images + Messages
    Beautiful Image, Well crafted and presented. We Like It, Well done My Friend Thousan
    Have A Happy And Peaceful Day.

    ♥♥Ever-Green Veronica♥♥
    Wow Thou ... the photo is so self-explanatory ........I like it so well taken.... Thanks for the info and I agree with it..
    Have a pleasant day my friend... and thank you

    ★ineedathis added this photo to his favorites.
    Marvelous work of art and great angle, excellent my friend!
    Can you imagine swallowing an Elephant:-)
    have a wonderful evening.


  2. Kombizz
    good one

    ★ΞSSΞ®®Ξ added this photo to his favorites.
    coooool! greatly done

    LOL!! I can think of a politician I would like to put in the place of the man in the boat. :-)

    ★october blue added this photo to their favorites.
    A fine composition ....striking and a bit humorous at the same time ! And the poem is a wise cautionary tale ....when we become too greedy ....it can surely lead to our downfall :-( Well done my friend :-)

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