"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mount Bromo Part II – Sitting at the Edge

I've had just enough time to...   sit down and enjoy the view.

Taken of Mount Bromo in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park while standing at its edge.

If you are too close to the edge, don’t stand
Crawl if you have to
Let your pride be the only one to fall
The one who brave the edge
May be the most foolish one of all

Better still, take a seat
Why climb a hill if not for the view?


  1. ΞSSΞ®®Ξ added this photo to his favorites.

    A 1000 Reasons
    I think this group of youngsters have the right idea. Once you are at the top, why not sit down, relax and slowly take in the view. Many people are in a hurry to climb up a hill and then in a hurry to go down and miss the whole point of being on top. That is to enjoy the view. It is an amazing place and it is no wonder that it is worshipped by the local people there. Mount Bromo is still an active volcano spouting out sulphurous smoke into the air. And a couple of years ago, it threatened to erupt and the whole region have to be evacuated. They build a temple at the foothill to pray to the Volcano God and hopefully he will keep his peace.

    very great composition

    ineedathis added this photo to his favorites.
    I can only imagine the thrill you get just sitting there, this is just fantastic!
    I know about heights how easy is just to loose your balance, scary stuff.
    have a lovely week ahead.

    what an incredible moment between humanity & nature, beautiful composition!!

    These words are so true in all aspects of our daily lives. I love how this was potrayed in the image that you shared. Your words rang home for me and I enjoyed the narritive that you presented regarding the volcano.

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    Well done. Agree with Chuck.
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    fantastic landscape! worth to sit down and watch!!!!!!
    ho.ge added this photo to her favorites. hours ago)

    Beautiful words .
    Beautiful image .
    Yes --take time to absorb the moment !

    Steve Taylor (Photography) added this photo to his favorites.
    Sitting must feel safer than standing

    This beautiful chapter has been seen in WRITTEN PAGES.

    The Visual Poet
    Wonderful photography!

    Love that 'pray to the volcano God to keep his peace *~* Wise prose accompanying another beautiful perspective on Mounts Bromo & Batok, thou.

  2. dodagp
    Commanding view over the scenery,Thou !!!
    Love the way the mountainous layers unfold and present themselves with their volcanic beauty while mystically conceal their subterranean secrets.
    I can envision the magnificence of the temple they are having built at the
    foothill of Mt.Bromo to propitiate the Volcano God ... and I awfully envy the enthralling views the youngsters have from up there.
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    Ann Mari

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    Happy Gram
    This beautiful chapter has been seen in WRITTEN PAGES.

    Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

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    This beautiful chapter has been seen in WRITTEN PAGES.

    Yasmin de light -
    Amazing and outstanding scene Thou. And yes I agree with you - why hurry everywhere. This scene certainly requires a good sit down and full appreciation. I hope the Volcano God will continue to be merciful to the people who might be effected or at least give ample warning to evacuate if it must erupt : ))
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