"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Street Football, Yangon (Myanmar) Style.

I've had just enough time...   to remember the little boy kicking the ball in the street

These images are drive-by shootings. I was in a car in Yangon Myanmar, squeezing through the crowded streets where old cars (government policy only allows import of second hand cars) shared the same space with bicycles, trishaws and trucks. Thankfully, there were no motor-bikes which are banned in the street of Yangon for the cars are confusing enough with right-handed drives and left-handed drives sharing the same road moving in both directions. I saw a crowd occupying one part of the road next to the shoulder and wondered why they are gathered there.

It seemed they are watching a game in progress. One guy obviously a player himself by his uniform is sitting on a trishaw with his knee up watching the game even though other spectators were blocking his view. There were spectators watching from the balconies and windows of the shop block. Some of the spectators were wearing trousers while more are wearing sarongs but all non-players were wearing flip-flops. This is street football, Myanmar style.

The curb marked one side of the ‘field’ while a raffle string that separated the road marked the outer boundary with crates and parked cars and trucks marked both ends. The ‘field’ itself is just the paved surface of the road with crude chalk markings

Please take note of the players’ footwear. The player challenging for the ball wore boots, the other defender wore socks with the big toe sticking out and a knee guard below the knee while the attacker was wearing an ankle guard on one leg. This seemed to be a good representation of the footwears of the players.

The game was proceeding at a lively pace with the ball moved up and down the court with each side trying to take it to the scoring zone where a tiny and low goalpost sat at each end. Imagine raw feet charging on the hot, rough, and abrasive road surface and you will wince. But this does not shock me as much as bringing back nostalgic memories for that was precisely what we did too as kids. And the way to differentiate the teams then was always, those with shirts and those without and we always hoped we will be the shirtless team so they won’t turn up torn.  I so wanted to stop and watched the game but the car was moving on…


  1. 1000 Reasons
    These are street football Yangon style. I happened to drive by a busy street where a game was being played. I would love to have got down from the car to take some photos but I was on an assignment and the car was moving on. I thought I rather have some imperfect shots than no shot at all so I hurriedly took my camera out, composed and do the best I can under the circumstances as the car moved away...

    Splendid action capture Thou...also always a good read Thou

    I went there few years ago , electricity is precious , no motorbikes, no public phone , exchange rate at the airport and the black market is different by twice , no young people but only children and the old people with sarong, citizens are poor but there is no beggar at any corner . Most of the shop is join venture with government,the government staff as the sale man but the owner seem unhappy , the temples are magnificent , they collect 2dollar at the entrance and give you a plastic bag to keep your shoes , the collection didn't end here , there are still a lot of 10 dollars you have to pay . The shopping center is not big but there are 6 soldiers with M16 waiting for you at the entrance.The jade is the best quality in the world but I really don't know which one is real .

    Sunciti _ Sundaram's Images + Messages
    Action packed.

    Come to think of it we also did not wear shoes:-) my cousin was the only lefty playing with us,
    Great action shot!

    henrhyde (gill)
    Great capture-- -- other lives

    priceless,..... barefoot, with socks and with socks and shoes....mmmm

  2. ineedathis botomy74 狂野的男人 ΞSSΞ®®Ξ added this to Their favorites

    1000 Reasons 23 hours ago
    Though fleeting, I'm glad I took these shots but I wanted to watch the game! But this is quite a common experience in my travel. Very often one comes across scenes that one wants to stay behind and shoot. But we know there are "things" we have to leave behind in our travels... if we want to see "things".

    You can find enjoyment in a football only. Well caught.

    I am glad you did as well they bring back memories of Greece, all we did was play football just like this,
    Excellent capture my friend!

    reminds me of my youth ..... except for the colourful houses :)


  3. Heniusia ON/OFF
    Touching and thought provoking series. ...thank you for sharing:-)

    oola *
    I wonder about foot injuries... they can catch up with you as you get older

    Awesome Play !!

    Guylaine Begin
    outstanding image ...

    very beautiful street shot.
    seems that a lot of people are enjoying the show!

    oola *
    reminds me of Malwai... same thing... thankfully it was the mountains so the dirt was not so hot...the men worked long hours to earn a special reward... a real soccer ball... very precious commodity...

    sweet catch !!
    Interesting world ;)

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