"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Statistician’s Dilemma

I've had just enough time to...   throw away my calculations

Taken in a back street of Surabaya, Indonesia where...

The statistician attended a birthday party
The princess got a Barbie and a pony
Everybody was supposed to be happy
The parent looked on anxiously

The statistician took a trip overseas
Wandered through streets that tourists miss
Watched children played in the underbelly
Where no one is supposed to be happy

Crunch his figures, do his maths
Calculate probability
Found no correlativity
Happiness is not measured in toys

It may be measured against something called love
But love itself cannot be measured against anything…

After visiting the Chinese temple in Surabaya in the last two posts, I walked through the back streets adjacent to the temple. I liked walking through the back streets if I perceived it is safe for I can discover many things one will miss in the main streets. This is how the residents of the city actually lived and you get to have a glimpse of the families going about their daily affairs which I always find very interesting.

I came across a few kids sitting on the floor with the eldest in school uniform holding a work book and explaining something to two younger girls while the youngest looked at me with interest. When they realized I’m taking their photos, they reacted by covering their faces with their hands and book. They were incredibly cute and innocent. Unlike mine, their lives look uncomplicated and happy.

these innocents shielded their eyes from a foreign devil... :)


  1. 5div, ΞSSΞ®®Ξ, ineedathis, and 4 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1000 Reasons
    This coming weekend, I will be traveling again. This time to China from Shenzhen and Dongguan in the south to Quanzhou in the center and then up north to Shenyang. It is a working trip but I hope to capture some shots along the way. See you when I get back. :)

    They are so cute, children have no animosity till they see hate from others,
    Beautiful candid shot!
    Have a great September!

    ohhh that expression of that lil one!

    GlobeTrotter 2000
    Excellent !

    Teresa Teixeira
    Excellent image! Great statistics exercise... :D


  2. henrhyde (gill)
    Great words , Thou San
    Superb presentation -- great light

    oola *
    imagination and "that feeling" are the keys to dancing without steps.. even for adults

    娜 娜☂Nana 3 days ago
    But love itself cannot be measured against anything ...
    that is true !!!
    Like pure heart, that is priceless.

    Andrew 62 3 days ago
    wow! his smile is infectious :))))

    Anna Kwa
    Your words are always so thought provoking....
    funny how many times people try their hardest to measure love and ask...how much do you love me...or if you love me....you would....
    that is why there are so many unhappy "love" :-)

    Vicky Bella
    A sweet, very sweet shot.

    Happiness and hope, so cute little fellows, lovely photo!!

    Awesome work and diggin your timing ;)

    Absolutely adorable. Every one is having fun, but the litter boy with that adorable expression is the pictures. So sweet; Love it. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this marvelous pice of work. and thanks for your beautiful comment.

    Your beautiful words & image echo that which I witnessed in the barrios of Nicaragua, thou. Families living in poverty second only to Haiti in the western hemisphere. In the 2 weeks I was there, coming & going in the barrio, I did not see a single store bought toy, only happy children playing together in harmony with homemade catapults, tin cans tied to string, sticks to dig in the mud etc. Not once did I see a child crying or angry or having a tantrum. They were kind to each other & showered with affection from the adults around them. This is what family is, this is what love is. There is no measure of value in possessions, in affected status & sadly, we as a society have lost that insight. The stash under the Christmas tree every Dec is proof of that.


  3. 5div, ΞSSΞ®®Ξ, ineedathis, and 6 other people added this photo to their favorites.


    Kids do the darndest things and by the looks of it some are shy,
    Sorry I did not comment on this as I was getting ready for work,
    Thanks for all you kind comments,
    Be well my friend,

    Rebecca Ang
    Children are the sweetest :) Such a joy isn't it to be able to live uncomplicated carefree and happy lives. A wonderful backstreet capture!

    oola *
    that is a lot of territory to cover ... but it should reward you with a variety of opportunities for photos
    and with each.. your thoughts... which I look forward to ... you see truths in everything...

    娜 娜☂Nana
    Oh .. how cute .. they are so shy ... I love these children...
    Their hearts are so pure.

    Nice candy shot, I am thinking why don't you sit down and tell them a short story of sang kancil , they will be happy to hear that.

    october blue
    A charming image of the young scholars in a camera-shy moment ! :-) Always a delight to visit your excellent photostream & blog, my friend :-) Samantha sends a big "meow" of thanks for your kind words for her photo ...we wish you a Happy September :-)

    Anna Kwa o
    In our modern and urban lives....we lost more than we bargain for....the simplicity of things...the heart that feels....for the unfortunate....
    Sometimes just to see these people...we would realize what have we gain in this materialistic world?
    and here they have very little...but perhaps they have their little world well lived!

    Shy works ;)

    I think the little one on the right is peeking *~*


  4. Steve Taylor (Photography)
    They are having so much fun

    Onasill~ Current
    Playful....well candid Thou

    So cute :)

    Onasill~ Current
    :-) gives me my Sunday morning smile

    娜 娜☂Nana
    I hope these kid happy growth .
    Have a wonderful weekend ! San:)
    Thank you for shared beautiful poem.

    Onasill~ Current
    Shyness.....but effective view.

    kelly dilello
    OH, what a GREAT shot. I have been absent from here, and just saw your nice comment. thank you. I was greatly impressed with the candles of wishes too


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