"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Friday, 7 October 2011

As Fine As A Frog In Boiled Water.

I've had just enough time to...   get out of the water.

Taken in Marjeyoun, Lebanon where I saw a frog jumped into the wrong water.

Everything is normal, everything is changing;
Nothing is normal, yet nothing is changed.
Get out of the water, get out of it quick!
But the water is fine, and I’m fine in it.
As fine as the frog in boiled water,
As fine as I am in it.


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