"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Bowl of Hot Noodles In Chilly Weather.

I've had just enough time to...   enjoy a bowl of hot noodles in cold winter.

Taken just seconds before I dug into this hot bowl of noodles on a cold Shanghai noon.

Days of summer or
Winter chill, all I need is
Steaming hot noodles

On a cold winter noon in Shanghai, we were in-between meetings. There is too short a time for a proper meal but too hungry to forgo it. We spied an eatery that serves fast food – Chinese style that is. And there is nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of noodles on a cold winter day.

I ordered a bowl of “Lion Head Noodles”. The Lion Head refers to that single large chunk of minced meat that took pride of place in the soup. It is said that if the Lion Head is really good, it will stick to the wall if you flung at it. I was too hungry to give that a try and let my mouth did the evaluation. This beats a burger any time.

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  1. A 1000 Reasons
    I love noodles, especially hot noodles in cold weather. They are served almost as soon as you sat down - if you can find a seat that is. And it is so cheap - this large bowl cost less than USD2.00 if I remember correctly. And it is fun to see who can slurped the loudest. What more, it is said that it can lengthened your life if you believe the legend. :)

    this is perfect for cold days indeed. and I like noodles very much too :D

    ★brdonovan added this photo to his favorites.

    Beautiful--an idea for "fast Food " .

    ★i_still_believe_in_u added this photo to their favorites.

    Looks yummy!!

    Great shot! Can almost taste it


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