"The sharp knife of a short life

I've had just enough time..."

- "If I Die Young" The Band Perry

I see Beauty in many things. And like the ghosts that only speak to you if you notice them, they tell me wondrous tales. With my camera and my thoughts, I captured these as faithfully as I can to share with you. And by doing so, they gave me the reasons. And though the thousand reasons may not all be sweet and some indeed bitter; they are still reasons to live. Come to think about it, that is Life, isn't it?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

There Is No Reasoning With Orcs!

I've had just enough time to...   confront an Orc and lost for I use reason.

Taken in outer Shanghai of the Orc guarding the door.

I have powerful fists to smash faces in
Brute strength to break your limbs
Metal chest to prepare for war
I’ll be the last to fall!

You ain’t passing thru!

I don’t hear your reasons
Thinking is treason
Tears won’t do any good
But some gold would.

Only gold will get you thru!


Is there a noble way to die?

- Warcraft 3 Orc Ending.

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  1. I encountered this fearsome Orc guarding an IT store in Shanghai. He is very far from Middle-Earth to be in Middle Kingdom and they must pay him a lot of gold to get him here. But there are many who will sell their soul for gold so what is selling out your home. In the new land, his manner is still as brutish. And the only response I could solicit out of him is "Smash! Smash! kill! kill!". So I kept my distance, throw a rock and ran for my life. Lucky for me, they are kind of slow.

    ★ΞSSΞ®®Ξ added this photo to his favorites.
    :D cool and great shot

    The metal will get rusted,those fists will get useless a brain doesn't get rusty,as long as we keep on thinking...that power of brainless will get beaten always

    Francesca, My Daughter, sends a very special kiss, Thou !
    الله أكبر * " ALLAH HU AKBAR! "
    This photo was invited and added to the PHODDÁSTICA!!! ® group.

    garageismi added this photo to his favorites.

    Now that is one brute force, I'll bet he would smash anything:-)
    Great shot!

    ★Uscè added this photo to his favorites.
    Excellent work, my friend!

    cool, menacing capture.

    ★brdonovan added this photo to his favorites.

    Fearsome warrior if ever there was one. Is he related to Spock? *~*

    ★MOSTAFA HAMAD I PHOTOGRAPHY and dodagp added this photo to their favorites.

    Smashing image !!!!!!!
    I wouldn't sell my soul for gold,Thou,but I would pay a lot of gold to get him out of here. LOL !!!
    A scary futuristic creature my friend,he intimidates me...
    Glad they are kind of slow moving and "thinking" ... We can easily catch them ...
    Are you still running for your life ???
    Radical approach,yet interesing !

    What a handsome Orc!! :-)

    ★i_still_believe_in_u and lichtbildung added this photo to their favorites.

    Hehe - outstanding orctrait!!! =))

    haha, good you was running :) )
    ★ho.ge added this photo to her favorites.


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